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Guitar Buying Tips

By: Pat Newsome

Guitars are one of the best and most versatile musical instruments ever invented. In fact, nearly 65% of Americans know how to play the guitar to some degree or another. The simple reason for this is that learning how to play the guitar is as easy as 1-2-3. It just takes some “dogged” determination, the interest, a love for music, and anybody can easily learn how to manipulate a few strings.

Some experts maintain that your success in learning how to play the guitar is to some degree proportional to the kind of guitar being used. They suggest that for you to learn how to play the guitar in the least amount of time as possible, it is advantageous to learn using a good guitar.

Some people believe that all guitars are the same because they all have similar attributes. However it is really not correct to assume that this is the case. All guitars are definitely not created equal. Every one has its own distinctions and differences.

If you are not yet familiar with how to choose the right guitar for you, here is a list of some tips you can use:

#1. Determine your guitar budget first

Guitars are made from first class materials so you should expect most guitars to be relatively expensive. You need to determine your budget before you begin to shop so you will know how much you can afford before deciding what kind of guitar to buy. Settling for a cheaper guitar is usually not a good option, especially for those that are priced below $200 - so you must set a budget for it.

#2. Know your music style

Knowing the kinds of music you like will help to determine the kind and style of music you will most likely play with your guitar. As an example, if you are interested in acoustic music, then it is best to buy an acoustic guitar. But if you are into jazz, it would be better for you to buy an “archtop’ guitar.

#3. Know your level of expertise

If you consider yourself to be just a beginner but would still like to personally own a guitar, it is best to get an electric guitar because it provides easier manipulation of the strings.

#4. Know the guitar store

Don't buy your guitar just anywhere. It is best to purchase your guitar from a quality shop or store. This will assure that you get a quality guitar, plus service in case you need some repairs or additional services.

It may seem strange, but buying a guitar is not as easy as playing one. Keep in mind that when you buy a guitar, you get not only a good investment for your money, but also a good investment for your skill. As they say, a good guitar plays good music.





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